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PixelLand Forums

A place to discuss all things PixelLand. Sign up for an account or login to start using PixelLand forums!

PixelLand Art

The unofficial predecessor to the PixelLand featured tab. Showcase your art to the PixelLand community! Get likes and gain PixelScore from your creations.

Jumpy Aviator

Jumpy Aviator is a game inspired by the famous mobile game Flappy Bird, in which the player flaps in the air whilst trying to dodge green obstacles along the way.


Gravitas is a realistic gravity simulator, inspired by Sebastian Lague's Solar System Adventures. Currently in beta, please report bugs and give suggestions to Malkist on Discord. :)

Mood Tracker

A mood tracker where you can find out how I'm feeling today. I log my mood every few hours, and it is 100% honest.


A quick and simple app similar to Quizlet that helps you learn vocabulary quickly and efficiently. Currently in progress.

Do Nothing

A game where you do nothing for as long as you can. It's a game about doing nothing. Helps with self-control and improves attention span (citation needed).


A fast PixelLand map downloader written in Python. It can download the overworld from PixelLand and save it as an image.

Cool Background

My first serious web development project. A nice animated constellation-style graphic that is nice to use as a screensaver.

Terrain Generator

A terrain generator based on perlin-noise-2d. Basically just Perlin's Playground but I added a bunch of coloring stuff on top.

Perlin's Playground

A place to toy around with Perlin Noise, a type of gradient noise originally created by Ken Perlin in 1983.

PixelLand Coords Convert

This is a website that converts PixelLand's old coordinate system (6.4:1 scale) to the new coordinate system (1:1 scale). This was my first web project.

Five Number Summary

A five-number summary generator. I gradually improved this over a couple of days to include other stuff as well, such as showing the mean, interquartile range, and standard deviation.

Why Did The?

The world's best joke generator. Generates a "why did the X cross the Y" joke using random words.

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